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Types of Breast Implants Used For Augmenting Breasts

Breast implants are used as one of the most effective surgical procedures adopted by women for some reasons including cosmetic or medical. They can not only augment the breasts but also help in balancing their size after certain serious medical condition like mastectomy for breast cancer. Phuket offers high quality and professional services as far as breast implants is concerned.

Various types of breast implants are used these days to improve the looks of the breasts, regardless of their reasons. Brief information about some of the implants popularly used today for augmenting breasts is given in this write-up for your consideration.

Different types

Silicone implants

The implants of this type are filled with silicone gel to give a feel of natural tissues in nude woman in small cloththe breasts. These implants do not collapse even if they start leaking as leaked gel will either remain within its shell or its pocket in the breast.

Typically these FDA approved implants are used by women of 22+ years for augmenting their breasts.

Saline implants

These FDA approved implants were filled with sterile salt water to provide uniform firmness, feel and shape to the breasts of women of 18+ years.

But in the case of the leak the implant collapses and saline water is absorbed and expelled by their body in a natural manner.

Round implants

These breast implants are used by high profile women to make their breasts look fuller than other options.

Gummy bear implants

These implants are also known as Form-Stable implants as their shape does not change even if their shell breaks. They are filled with silicone gel with higher consistency than usual silicone gel implants.

Though their shape is more or less round but they are tapered from the top and projected towards bottom. They may look unusual if it rotates under your skin.

Textured implants

These implants used to augment breasts develop scar tissues to keep the implant in its place as well as help in repositioning the implants within the breasts without any external interference.

It can reduce the risk of the scars caused by tight capsule implants.

Smooth implants

nude female modelThese implants are softest in feel. They can move within the pocket of implant in the breast in a natural manner. But they may have some visible or palpable rippling.

So, on the basis of information provided in this write-up you can choose suitable breast implants for you or your loved ones. But you should also consult your plastic surgeon before buying them finally.

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Taking Care of Breast Implants

The rates of success and failure of any breast augmentation procedure depend on several factors. In the theater, the chances of a successful operation rest on the professionalism and experience of the doctor conducting the operation. This implies that, with an experienced physician, failure is not always an option. Besides, your responsibility after the operation also plays a huge part in making this procedure a success. As such, this article presents a few insights on how to take care of your breasts for impressive results.

What to do

Clean itpregnant woman

It is acceptable to remove the dressings after 24 hours from the time the surgery. After removing them, it is imperative to clean the Surgery wounds. When doing this, observe maximum precautions to avoid removing the Steri strips. Cover the healing areas with dressing or a clean gauge after cleaning. Routinely repeat this process for not less than seven days after the surgery.

Empty the bulb

With drains, you should purpose to empty the bulb at least three times a day. When emptying it, it is important to identify the properties of the drained fluids. In case you notice any discrepancy in the fluid from what is expected (like leakages from the tube), immediately inform your doctor before things get out of control.

Wear Appropriate Bras

After the augmentation procedure, it is an undeniable fact that you will have a new capsize. Thus, there is a need for new bras that match with your current cup size. Moreover, avoid those tight fitting units as they can alter the position of your implants. Most doctors recommend an elastic bandage before the healing process is complete.

Sleep safely

Exerting body pressure on you breasts during sleep can reverse the whole process. As such, when sleeping, it is advisable to stack some pillows on your chest to elevate your upper torso. This not only prevents bulging of the implants but also makes it easy for you to get up easily.

Massage You Breasts

nipples Most surgeons offer some massage lessons. Learn and implement them appropriate. The essence of massaging you breasts is to keep them soft and supple. Moreover, massaging also helps in combating contractures that occur when the scar capsules around the breasts tighten.

Doubts and unjustified fears should stand between you and your dreams of looking impressive. The only thing you need to do is to visit an expert that is equal to the task. After this process is done, follow the above guidelines for uninterrupted healing.