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The Powerful Janome HD3000

Are you looking forth to joining the industry of making fashionable designs or sewing? The best machine and model to make your job enjoyable is Janome HD3000. It is the best heavy duty machine ever in 2016. The machine’s durability and performance are incredible. For quilting, sewing and even serging all three done by one machine. For enthusiastic beginners, Janome HD300 will deliver the precise and professional design. Visit www.QuiltersReview.com for a comprehensive review on janome HD3000. The following are the reasons you should choose Janome HD3000.

Top reasons


The Janome HD3000 machine is a heavy duty model which is constructed with white sewing machinealuminum casting. Its durability is incredible, having most of its inner parts built in metals. The HD3000 models can handle more fabric layers with ease. While stitching Jeans and denim, the sewer doesn’t require more pressure on the foot since it is a heavy weight machine.


The HD3000 machine is highly recognized for easy to use and quality stitches. The HD3000 machine comes with 18 different sewing stitches, in addition to its smooth operating characteristics; it results to neat and even hems and designs. Its flexibility and most adjustable features such as adjustable presser foot make sewing lots easier than the use of any other models.


Although Janome HD3000 may be the most expensive among Janome models, it is worth its price and affordable. The HD3000 is the best heavy duty machine and definitely won’t disappoint especially for heavy commerce users. Every penny is worth it; the machine will do almost everything for you ranging from sewing to feeding fabric.

Janome HD3000 main features

7-piece feed dog. This is a stand out feature in this model. The 7-piece feed dog feature helps while feeding fabric, use of hand needs a lot of attention, but the 7-piece feed dog makes it easy and faster.
Built-in needle threader With HD3000 you have no trouble with threading. The heavy duty machine comes with an inbuilt needle threader. Threading is unpleasant and time-consuming; hence this functional feature is an added advantage. More so the HD3000 has an inbuilt cutter.

Other features include

  • Reverse stitch lever
  • 18 stitches
  • Adjustable foot presser
  • Removable free arm
  • Bobbin winder stopper
  • Thread taker up level

sewingJanome HD3000 is the best machine, even for quilting the HD3000 works amazingly. The model is robust, faster with its easy to use features, such like the 18 stitches which help design and make strong stitches. The HD3000 clearly is an outstanding model that makes life easier.