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Choosing the Right Promise Ring

What is a promise ring? It’s a ring worn as evidence of a promise. Technically engagement and wedding rings are Promise Rings.

However in practise, nowadays, such a ring describes commitments, and there are some great and cheap promise rings for her that you can use commit to some of the following:promise rings

  • My objective is to marry you, but I’m not yet ready to become engaged.
  • I will save my virginity for you.
  • You are my friend.
  • I will certainly always be there for you.
  • You are my valentine.
  • I promise to avoid a vice (betting, drinking, smoking cigarettes).
  • I will be devoted to you.
  • I will certainly go back to you.
  • I will keep a specific oath to you.
  • I will keep your key.

beautiful silver ringWho purchases a Promise Ring? Anybody can buy the ring. However, the wearer should consent to the commitment it signifies for it to be legitimate.

How do you select the right Promise Ring? There is no ‘right’ as such. Nevertheless, it is common sense to consider design, material and cost in relation to the importance of the promise. A more important commitment needs naturally to require a more special design, a more gemstone and more expense.

Lots of shops and websites offer mass made rings, of easy widely known designs, which are perfect for trivial promises. For more important or personal promises deserve distinct handmade rings that reflect the intent to adhere to the promise.

The material for the ring can vary from aluminium to silver plated beautiful silver ring with heartsand silver, to gold. Semi-precious stones, jewels, and even diamonds can be included in the ring. If the promise is frivolous and insignificant (like to finish your research today) then even a loop of copper wire may suffice. If the promise is deeper or more crucial, then more pricey material might be required. In mythology semi-precious and gemstones are associated with various astrological signs or qualities. For instance, Blue-green represents the Sagittarius sign and is reputedly handy for those who succumb to panic attacks or mania.

Cost is a general reflection of the design and materials. If you’re a millionaire and you have a deep commitment to keeping, then a distinctively handmade gold and diamond ring would be the minimum required for people to believe you are committed to your promise. At the other end, if you’re a young student with thin financial resources and an essential promise to keep the time invested finding a special handcrafted Semi-precious ring would represent the specialness of your promise.