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Be Popular With A Spray Tan

spray tan bodyHaving a tan is becoming rather popular these days, and the latests way of getting a tan is spray tanning. Spray tanning is where you spray a tanning solution on your body.

Unlike tanning creams and gels, spray tanning can be done quicker, and you can be sure you will not be left with any missed out parts. Spray tanning also lasts much longer than any gel or cream.

There are a few things to consider when getting a spray tan. First and foremost, everyone’s skin is different, and thus results will vary from person to person. Typically speaking, those with very fair skin will not get nearly as dark as those who have more melanin to start. Either way, sunless tanning will leave your skin darker than when you came in. Also having several visits to get a sunless tan will help your skin better absorb the tanning solution.

Spray Tanning can be done either by yourself or at a local spa that does spray tanning. It is not that expensive and will last you a few weeks at least. After you have been sprayed with the tanning solution, it is important to dry off gently afterwards. Be sure to take note of the elbows and knees as they can be dryer than other parts of your skin and not tan properly. If the tanner has a bronzer in it, be sure to check the back of your legs and ankles for streaks.

Baggy clothes are great to wear post spray tan as they allow your spray tan on faceskin to absorb the solution without it rubbing off. It is recommended that you wait at least four hours before showering or doing anything strenuous that will make you perspire. Some people simply visit the tanning salon and then go home and sleep. This is fine for clear tanning solution, but those that have bronzers could stain the sheets. Therefore, you should give some time for the tanning solution to be absorbed by your skin.

Sunless tanning can be a better solution than spending hours in the sun or on a tanning bed. It will give you what you desire and last longer.