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What Is Beard Oil And How Is It Used?

Beard oil is one of the haircare products used by men. It is meant to mimic your natural skin oils and moisturizing skin beneath the beard. Thus, it improves manageability and appearance of the beard. Moreover, it reduces itchiness and beard-related dermatitis, while reducing hair tangles and adding sheen to your beard. You should note that Beard Oil has been used since ancient times. Even the modern versions use some oils that were used several centuries ago.

How beard oil is useful

The human skin produces a substance called sebum nman with beard aturally, which is commonly known as skin oil. It is produced by sebaceous glands, which spread to most parts of the body and emerge on skin’s surface through hair follicles or pores. Skin oil has several benefits. For instance, it waterproofs the skin and discourages different skin problems such as fungal infections.

You should note that sebum emerges through your hair follicles and improves the skin’s appearance. Unfortunately, the human chin is known to produce less sebum as compared to most parts of the body. This explains why the skin below beards dries out. This can lead to inflammation and itching. Moreover, it allows beard hairs to become cracked, tangled, and split-ended.

Beard oil composition

In most cases, jojoba seed oil is used. This is because its composition is similar to that of sebum in different aspects. This product was cultivated as an alternative to whale oils. Nowadays, it is used in making of various cosmetic products. However, it lacks vitamins and trace minerals that are found in skin oil. Therefore, it is supplemented with additional oils that are chosen depending on texture, herbological benefits, and scent. Common additional oils used include castor, coconut, almond, olive, and much more.

Essential old man with beard oils are added to the mix. They are known to be pungent and volatile. Just a few drops are added. Adding a lot of them can cause skin irritation and make the scent very strong. They are added because of their olfactory value. Some of the commonly used include sage, eucalyptus, vanilla, cedarwood, and peppermint.

How it is used

Beard oils are very easy to use and require minimal effort. You can apply it in the morning and after a shower. This is because your skin pores are open after bath or shower. This means that they can soak up adequate oil. They provide protection against harsh elements.

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